Shawn started Eagle Touch the Clouds after walking into a local library in his neighborhood in 2011.  He took his daughter into a brand new library that was just built.  They wanted to see what this library had on it's shelves.  His daughter who was then 3 years old loved to read.  

Shawn seen that the library had many different cultural sections like Japanese, Korean, Russian, and many others.  What Shawn and his daughter didn't see was a Native American section.  Both Shawn and his daughter are tribal members and were disappointed that this library didn't have anything from their culture.

Shawn found a staff member and asked them what the library had that was Native American and was told they only had a few books.  This staff member showed Shawn what books they had.  They only had a few school book type books that had just very basic info in them. Shawn asked two questions at that moment that would forever change his life. 

Shawn asked the staff member who was the manager and the staff member told him it was her.  Shawn then asked if he could gift the library with Native American items that would help give people more of an authentic selection in material.  

The staff member told Shawn "I wouldn't say no" with a big smile on her face.  That was the start of Eagle Touch the Clouds.  Shortly after this Shawn got the Puyallup Tribe of Indians to donate 30 copies of the new members only language DVD's and CD's he received himself just months before walking into the library.  

***more info coming soon***


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